Thoughts on Michael Howard

* Over the years, Michael Howard has received myriad praise. Michael enjoys being the hero. However, the kind words reprinted here are not a guaranty of future performance or success.



Not a huge fan of lawyers but Michael Howard is the best attorney I’ve ever met. He helped me with a limited liability company matter (involving multiple states) and he was fast, diligent, right to the point, and practical. I also like that he gave me an estimate on completion time for the work and finished it much earlier than his estimate. If you own a business or need a business or corporate lawyer – this is your guy. – Kathy K.

Michael is extremely knowledgeable, well-versed in all aspects of business and thinks ahead more than most lawyers. He is practical, logical and will safeguard your business against potential risk, prophylactically protecting it from threats most entrepreneurs are unaware of. His calm and professional representation put me at ease during sale matters and other complex (and unique) business situations. I will continue to recommend Michael as great legal counsel for any business. – Scott R.

We just closed on the sale of our company. Michael Howard did a hell of a job. I like him. He is assertive. He pushed me. He is a very intelligent guy. He is an outstanding individual and was outstanding in handling our particular transaction. – Wes L.

Michael has done a real nice job for us. We appreciate his counsel and guidance. – Jeff H.

If I haven’t told you lately, you are the BEST! – Angie N.

Thanks again for all you did for [my wife] and me. – Bob L.

As the owner of a small IT services company, I turned to Michael for assistance with drafting service agreements and for counsel on matters pertaining to a franchise agreement.  In both cases Michael proved to be a vigorous and devoted advocate – he genuinely put himself in my shoes and advised me as a partner.  Michael also demonstrated a thoroughgoing and expert knowledge of the subject matter.  His understanding of the technology services industry is second to none.  Michael’s diligent and efficient representation saved me both time and money, and helped me lay a solid foundation on which to build my company.  I highly recommend Michael to any one needing legal advice for their business. – Mark A.

I very much appreciated working with you and hope to work with you in the future. –Slava K.

. . . extremely helpful. Michael Howard is an attorney you want on your team, period. Especially if you require counsel at the intersection of business and technology – this is his realm (rare combination). Michael and I connected through our trusted networks, and he was invaluable in helping us navigate business formation, and tech/IP considerations. His legal versatility and prowess was equally helpful in other areas where he advised me, and my family. Michael’s rates were always fair, he’s exceptionally responsive, and is an all around great guy to work with and have in your corner. – Brandon W.

I am grateful to have you as our lawyer steering us on the right path. – Rochelle B.

Michael . . . is a down to earth, common sense, business lawyer [who] has helped me in many circumstances. – Mark J.

. . . provided great legal advice under tight deadlines . . . thinks with a practical and business mindset . . . incredibly bright and mindful of billing. – Gina L.

Michael helped me to sort through my options, and to figure out what was the best and most comfortable solution for me and my situation. Michael explained everything, at every step along the way. He was so detailed, thorough, and responsive it kept me on my toes, and we worked through the process at an accelerated pace. Some things really stand out for me in regards to dealing with Michael: 1) His integrity and humanity. 2) The man is as sharp as they come. 3) He had obviously thoroughly researched those things impacting my case, and was always available to me. I can’t thank Michael enough for his support. – Connie S.

Michael has provided my company with sound legal advice at fair prices. I highly recommend him as a business attorney. – Andrew F.

Michael Howard has represented me and my international company in several legal matters. He consistently produces results above and beyond my expectations. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel. Good luck finding a more conscientious and reliable lawyer! – David H.

You are just the best! – Bobbie C.

If I were to do business in the area again, I would definitely use Michael, I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. – Mike T.

As a business owner selling their company you will likely only get one chance to do it right. Michael was recommended to me when I was preparing to sell one of my companies and his depth of knowledge, connections and efficiency made me confident that in the end I negotiated the best deal possible given the circumstances. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you in the sale of your company I would recommend you consider Michael Howard early in the process. – Randy H.

Michael is a professional in the best sense of the word. – Laurence G.

[Michael’s] wealth of experience in orchestrating real estate deals was readily apparent to us. – Neil P.

Keep up the hard work & dedication. We will recommend you to our friends! – Bob. E.

My confidence and trust in [Michael] has been and continues to be richly rewarded. – Dan F.

What a pleasure it was to meet Michael Howard! At last someone who is aggressive, informed, creative, and motivated. – George R.

[Michael] has brought efficiency and thoroughness to every project that requires the skilled hand of a knowledgeable attorney. I believe his ability to stay on top of current case law and regulations affecting his clients might be unmatched in the legal field. In my time with him, Michael has handled everything from starting and forming new business entities, collecting debts from large multi-national companies, reviewing and re-shaping critical contracts and agreements to our benefit, accessing his broad network to fill in operational gaps in talent, and so many other issues it’s challenging to mention all of them. One of the most impressive things I’ve been the beneficiary of, is his responsiveness to address an urgent need, then turnaround the work quickly without errors requiring multiple re-drafts and still managing to keep the legal costs within our constraints and budget. If you have been looking for a solid attorney . . . Michael Howard is your solution. – Ed K.

Michael is hard working, honest, trustworthy, creative, to the point, experienced, and knowledgeable. If these are qualities you are looking for, look no further. – Jan G.

I will refer everyone I see to Michael Howard, and I personally will use him for all my future dealings. My family is eternally grateful. – Sam F.

. . . it is rare to find someone with such professionalism. – Erich K.

Michael is an incredible wealth of knowledge not only related to law but also business. In addition, he is a great communicator and is a pleasure to work with. Would HIGHLY recommend Michael as an attorney. – Callan F.

Michael sees the bigger picture. David F.

Our family manufacturing firm has the pleasure of working solely with Michael Howard. As our lawyer and friend, Michael structured our company, laid swift work to its legal protection, and continues to aid with a generational transition. Michael deftly handles both legal and business negotiations, always aggressively protecting our interests. Michael’s acute attention to detail and frank demeanor are two of the many qualities I enjoy about him. Simply put, Michael is a person you want in your corner.  Tim M.

As a holding company that acquires software businesses in multiple verticals, it was challenging to find a lawyer that had experience with the wide range of assistance we needed. Michael’s ability to coordinate resources that scale across multiple disciplines have helped our team grow and manage multiple acquisitions while assisting with day to day legal matters within each of the acquired businesses and the holistic holding company. In my time getting to know Michael, his work ethic and motivation to help our team has been refreshing. The term “Partnership” is widely used today when selecting services or providers. In my experience, rarely does it play out as a mutual partnership. I can honestly say Michael is a valued partner within our business and would highly recommend him.  Adam M. 

Michael brings to bear deep legal and business acumen into everything that he engages in. I was fortunate to work with Michael on M&A opportunities. His counsel proved invaluable as he provided legal advice and could articulate the trade-offs associated with various strategies. Since working with Michael, we have stayed in touch and he has a talent for bringing people together and forming new relationships. I certainly hope to work directly with Michael again in the future and he will certainly be my first phone call.  Garrett F.

I do not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone I know needing business legal advice. I even use him for my own business transaction needs. He is very efficient, knowledgeable, and proactive. He is always adding value. Thanks Michael! – Paul D.