A company needs a single point of contact for legal – a responsible attorney to help with routine legal matters, flag issues, be available for emergency situations, help find the right specialized attorneys for non-routine matters, and help coordinate/orchestrate the various moving parts of any company’s general legal operations. 

Most big firms claim to be full service. In reality – most are not. There are many areas of law that big firms could probably figure out but for which they have little to no experience or little to no interest in taking on.

At a big firm, the incentive is to refer the specialized matter to the “specialist” down the hall – often at big firm rates caused by big firm overhead. The problem, of course, is that the few attorneys the big firm might have in that area, might not be the best, might not be the best for your matter, and may not be the best value.

You can hire an in-house lawyer for your company, but that comes with myriad risks. At Pruvent, we can fill the role of outside general counsel for your company, often at a fraction of the cost and with a lot less risk. We believe it is important to find the right person for every task – even when it means our firm is not doing the work.